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KEYSstroke access

you can access more efficient targetS than with bookmarks + desktop shortcuts.
Assign one or more targets ( tested 300 urls) via open source software
to the  ~130 KEYSstroke shortcuts i.e. 1 & 2,  F1 & 1, lALT & space ( and to unused special keys i.e. capslock f9 ins )

image by
image by


the advanced keySstroke setup, if your keyboard supports the technique.
if not: setup too the reverse shortcut, in the best case in the app source after clicking the tray icon[1|2]__[T|Y] from ! @SeX#.﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿. on Vimeo.


↓ the 6REATest streetart quantity 650 000 arrangements 50 000 installations ↓

the tag for the pictures above is
OctoberB 08 518
OctoberB 08 379
OctoberB 08 386
OctoberB 08 390
Berliner Ansichten
Berliner Ansichten
Berlin door 2
RAT, the gentleman
happy blue
le street-art
ripped off + prayer flags
1cm Robot